Purpose and Mission

According to the Faculty Handbook, Part I, Section B-5, as well as Article XVII of the Constitution of the Academic Senate of The Catholic University of America, "There shall be a Graduate Board to exercise general supervision over all matters delegated to it by the Academic Senate relating to graduate study; for example, standards of admission, requirements for degrees, and programs of study, and to report to the Senate recommendations on matters relating to graduate policy.

Members are appointed by the Senate upon joint recommendation of the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies and the Dean of the School concerned. Each School involved with Graduate Studies shall be represented on this Board by a number of members equal to its number of Faculty delegates in the Senate. The terms of membership shall coincide with those of the delegates to the Senate. Deans shall be eligible for membership on the Graduate Board."

The Senior Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Dean of Graduate Studies chairs this committee, ex officio, and the President of the Graduate Student Association serve on this committee as a non-voting ex officio member.

The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies serves as the non-voting vice chair and ex officio secretary of the committee, and as such, maintains the official minutes of the meetings.

Members of the Graduate Board

School of Architecture and Planning

School of Arts and Sciences

Busch School of Business

  • Dr. Michael Pakaluk: Acting Dean and Ordinary Professor of Ethics and Social Philosophy
  • Dr. Reza Saidi: Associate Dean, Associate Professor, and Director of Finance

School of Canon Law

School of Engineering

  • Dr. Lin-Ching Chang: Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Dr. John Judge: Dean and Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Arash Massoudieh: Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Columbus School of Law

Metropolitan School of Professional Studies

Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art

National Catholic School of Social Service

  • Dr. Linda Plitt Donaldson: Assistant Dean, Chair of the M.S.W. on Campus Program, and Associate Professor
  • Dr. Marie Raber: Associate Dean, Chair of the M.S.W. Online Program, and Associate Professor

Conway School of Nursing

School of Philosophy

School of Theology and Religious Studies